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Wait, what's all this now?

An Explanation

Hi, I'm Scot Maupin. I created Bad Pine Design for all my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu related artwork. I was illustrating children's books and board games at the time, so I felt like I should give my separate work a separate home.

This most recent update of includes a new version of the website, as well as new artwork. Still on the bucket list are my art on a rashguard and spats, and the opportunity to design a gi.

I'd also like to add a blog to this site in the future since where I show process work updates whenever I have them.

Scot Maupin

Art since forever and BJJ since '07


Cold Press Paper - Sizes up to 22" x 30"

JITS - "Mat is Ocean"

Lettered and Unlettered

"Worth the Work"

Lettered and Unlettered


Unlettered and Abstract

"Welcome Home"



Various Options - Traditional and Digital

"Several Years In"

Five Color Variations

Colorful BJJ Gear

Blueprint Layout

"BJJ vs Alien"

"No One Can Hear You Tap"

"Jiu-Jitsu Keeps Me Sane"

Grappling With Inner Peace


"Thank You Jiu-Jitsu"

"Dad and Child"

Created to Accompany 'TYJJ'

"Reap the Knee"

Grim Indeed

Pinecone Bomb Logo

Pinecone With Fuse


You can look at my items directly on the RedBubble store.

Posters and art prints are always available, and several other formats are as well.



You can contact BadPine by Scot's email or any of the other links below.